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Noah Strawberry Collage_0002


This morning when my son came into my room after waking up, I told him to get ready…we had “surprise” plans. He tried to guess where I’d be taking him on our “date.” His guesses were the typical: “Skyzone? Chuckie Cheese? The movies?” I told him it was better.  

This morning I introduced Noah to a different definition of fun. A fun working under the sun, searching and sweating, and enjoying every minute…with random exclamations of “Look at this beauty!” Letting the full pleasure of the season surround us on a quiet farm with the sweet scent of strawberries hanging in the thick summer air. At the end, he was so proud of his work and he said, “Margot will just love these.”

Minutes after we returned home, Margot was already in her high chair anxiously watching me rinse the berries. And then, her big grin as strawberry juice dripped off of her chin onto her bare baby chest <3

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  1. Rachel June 6, 2015

    I enjoy your writing as much as I enjoy your photos. Nice work! 🙂

    • glow1983 June 16, 2015


      Thank you SO very much! Positive feedback always feels great 🙂


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