• Pre-session consultation is included with every session, via email, Facebook messaging or phone. This gives us the opportunity to get to know one another, discuss your vision, plan your session and address any questions. Prior to your session, I will email a copy of the contract for your review.
  • Most sessions will take place outdoors, with the exception of birth stories, in-home lifestyle sessions, special requests and some seasonal offerings.
  • Outdoor sessions are typically scheduled in the end of day hours before sunset when outdoor lighting is soft, sparkly and warm, but I am always open to trying something new!
  • Although some posing is necessary, most of the session images will be candid, including newborn.
  • Consider your session wardrobe: I recommend avoiding strapless tops, strapless undergarments, overly-bright/neon colors and clothing with distracting logos. I encourage staying true to your natural style and level of comfort!
  • Pinterest/Artistry: Although I love using Pinterest as a tool/reference for detail and theme ideas, I discourage clients from requesting to try to duplicate images found on Pinterest. I have found that when I try to focus on recreating another artist’s workmanship, I actually become disconnected from the experience and the images reflect that. While some posing/modeling is often necessary, it must be done in a way that compliments each individual body shape. When you hire me as your photographer, you are placing your trust in my artistic eye. After working together, I carefully choose the images that I believe are the best and discard the rest.


Birth stories document labor and delivery, as well as life following the first hour or two after birth. Most of the images from these sessions are created tastefully in black and white, and I also create a custom slideshow with select session images. While photographing births, I am especially sensitive to privacy preferences, and I am also more than happy to assist in any way possible. At this time, I am a solo photographer and do not have a permanent back-up for spontaneous births.


Natural newborn is about photographing your baby in his/her natural environment: your arms, swaddled, breast or bottle feeding, napping and visiting with siblings are just some examples. There is little to no posing or pre-session preparation, with the intention of keeping you and your baby as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Sessions are best scheduled within a few days of birth. If you’re interested in preserving memories of your child’s first year, please inquire about my First Year Session Collection!

CHILDHOOD/FAMILY / LIFESTYLE – Documentary-Style Photography

What defines your family? What interests, and traditions do you share? What memories do you want to preserve? Maybe it’s visiting the farmers market on a Sunday afternoon, exploring the colorful vegetables and fruits. Maybe it’s trekking through a tree farm on a wintry day in search of the perfect Christmas tree, or, simply being at home together, baking holiday cookies, playing in the snow and sipping hot cocoa. These sessions give a glimpse into your everyday life, highlighting togetherness and memory preservation. These images perfect for journaling, albums, gifting and of course, displayed in your home. Traditional family portraits are held outdoors; I work closely with each family to choose the best location possible!

For further questions, please connect with me! I am happy to help in any way I can!

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