~ Welcome to Glow Photography ~

Thank you for taking the time to explore my work and learn more about my style and artistry! I am a photographer based in Cincinnati, Ohio. I became curious about photography while admiring pictures in National Geographic magazine when I was just a young girl. When I found an old Kodak disc camera in a box in our basement, my journey began. Through the years I went through countless rolls of film and several cameras as I began to explore my artistic taste (sincerest thanks to my brother, Garrett, who was forced to “model”). Only recently, with the support of my generous husband, have I been able to study the technical aspects of photography and begin to build a business.

I love photography not only for what I see, but for how it makes me feel.  I find inspiration in all people: their individuality, unique experiences and cherished relationships. I  strive to capture honest, emotive images that tell their beautiful life stories. I am moved and motivated by nature and the world around us: city streets, vibrant markets, country fields, stormy skies and glittery sunsets.

Glow is named for the warmth and grace that radiates from truly happy people, and the blending of that inner beauty with natural light and environments, and life stories to create timeless, luminous portraits. I especially cherish documentary-style photography and images that celebrate childhood and family tradition, and togetherness.

I hope that our paths cross soon, I would love to meet you…I would be honored to help you tell your story and share the memories with generations to come.

With warmest regards,


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